Hey there everyone! Sarah and I are excited and give all credit to the Lord that “take 2″ went great! We arrived at Hico Baptist Church this morning at 10:30 and got to work. We began the day by reviewing our old script and starting to re-work it. Brother Rodriguez gave us some wonderful ideas to make the video shorter, cleaner, and more effective. After quite a while of re-working, we finally were able to record. That was an adventure! We can praise the Lord that he did not call us into the movie business! ; ) All in all, we accomplished a great deal of work today. Lord willing, in two or three weeks we should have an excellent video posted on our site!

You know, the first time we recorded this video a month ago, we thought we had everything down pat and were satisfied. But, after seeing it we learned that we could have done much better. We got a second chance to video. Often times in life we think we are doing things just so perfectly and we have everything under control, but when we look back at it we see how we have failed miserably, yet time after time God gives us another chance to follow Him. Unlike our video, we cannot undo what we have done in life, but we can rest assured that we serve a God that will forgive us, cleanse us, and make us like new!

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