But as it is written, To whom he was not spoken of, they shall see: and they that have not heard shall understand
ROMANS 15:21
  • Almost every week I hear from new missionaries who are seeking prayer and financial support so that they can get to the fields God has called them too. Most often, these missionaries come from strong, fundamental churches. It is a great joy to see the Lord calling men and women from our assemblies to serve Him around the world! Josh and Sarah Wagar are being sent out from Good News Baptist Church, and it is a great privilege to recommend them to you. Everything that you will read about their desire to serve the Lord and their call to Chuuk, Micronesia, is the result of Josh and Sarah’s genuine walk with God. Our church family has personally witnessed their commitment to Christ as they have served among us with all of their hearts. I also believe that Josh’s past involvement with the Chuukese people and the fact that Sarah grew up on the mission field make them uniquely qualified for this field.

    Michael Ascher – Pastor
  • I have no doubts or reservations in my recommendation of Josh and Sarah Wagar to you. I absolutely believe them both to be the humble servants of our Lord Jesus Christ. They have been gifted with what they need to be good missionaries, empowered by the Holy Spirit to succeed in their ministry, and guided by the same Spirit to begin churches for the Lord in Chuuk, Micronesia. Please consider them for support and help as they follow the Lord to Chuuk.

    Norman Johnston – Pastor
  • Josh Wagar was a member of my church during his teen years when his parents were stationed in Hawaii with the Navy. Even at his young age he already showed the character of godliness in his life. He was known as a polite young man who loved the Lord. He was always ready to help, had a kind word for everyone, was a faithful soul-winner and involved in ministry. Being here in Hawaii gave him the opportunity to understand and work with cross-cultural ministries, which will serve him well in Micronesia. I can highly recommend him to the ministry and service in the islands.

    Wayne Surface – Pastor
  • As Josh and Sarah Wagar’s pastor, it gives me great pleasure to recommend them for missionary support. Josh has spent many years of his life under my ministry at Good News Baptist Church in Chesapeake, Virginia. He has constantly demonstrated Christ likeness and is always involved in the work of the Lord. Sarah is a “MK” (Missionary Kid) whose life radiates the love of Christ. Her parents served many years in Spain as missionaries. Together their call and burden is to go to Chuuk, Micronesia to plant churches in a place that is desolate of the gospel of Christ. In a recent survey trip to Chuuk their burden was intensified as they witnessed firsthand the pressing need to get the light of the gospel to those people who live in spiritual darkness.

    Dr. Walt Coles – Pastor