Sarah grew up in a ministry home as a missionary kid in Spain. After struggling with bitterness towards the ministry, the Lord got a hold of her heart and Sarah began to desire serving the Lord however He would lead.

As a teenager Josh had the opportunity of living in Hawaii and attending Ohana Baptist Church in Honolulu. It was there that He encountered the Chuukese people. While in college the Lord specifically called Josh to go to Chuuk, Micronesia as a missionary.

Once Josh and Sarah move to Chuuk they plan to begin a very dynamic ministry. They will be working under the leadership of Pastor Mike Abbe, a national Chuukese. After learning the culture and language, they plan to move to the outer islands and begin planting churches of their own. Both are burdened for deaf people and plan to begin reaching deaf Chuukese people.

Of Chuuk’s 53,000 people, almost half claim to be Catholic and the other half Mainline Protestant. However, almost all of them hold to their ancient beliefs as well and spiritism dominates the islands and culture. It is Josh and Sarah’s burden to reach these lost souls for the Savior.

We will begin working with a national pastor named Mike Abbe. He has been a pastor in the islands for some years now. We believe that by working under him we will be able to more quickly learn the language and culture of Chuuk. After Pastor Abbe and we decide that we are ready to move out by ourselves, we will look for an outer island that needs a church.

  • Chuuk has the largest population in the FSM with a total of 53,000 people
  • The average annual rainfall per year is 105in
  • Appx 50% of the state are Catholic and the other 50% mainline protestant. Both are mixed in with ancient religion.
  • There are approximately 50 islands
  • The total square mileage of the entire state, including water, is 823sq. Mi.