Where do you even begin for a first blog post? I guess I will tell you about my goals for this entire thing. It is so easy to get caught up with business and appointments and whatever else you can imagine. Being a missionary is far more than the glamour of being in a church every Sunday or preaching all of the time. It takes work – hard work. I know that you – the people that will be reading this – work hard too. So, goal number one: this blog post will always seek to glorify God amidst a busy life and crazy schedule.

You know, while we are all busy and trying to glorify God, we often get discouraged. I know that it happens so very easily. Isn’t it amazing how one day we can be on the tallest “mountain” we have ever been on, and then the next day we are in one of the darkest valleys? Why does that happen? We take our eyes off of the maker of that mountain. God is always Good and we must remember that. So, goal number two: this blog will always seek to be an encouragement to you. Yes I am here to update you about how we are doing, and believe me, I will be honest about how we are doing, but I will always make a point to try to encourage you in any small way that I can.

That’s it – God’s glorification and your encouragement! That is what I am seeking to be able to do through this part of our ministry!

Until the Islands are His,
Josh and Sarah Wagar
Romans 15:21

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