Hi. My name is Josh and I’m a lazy blogger. There, I said it. It’s officially out now. It’s been way too long since I even posted a blog. Oh, trust me, I’ve certainly thought about posting one; I’ve thought about how and when I needed to get one up. I’ve though, “man, it’s been a really long time since I posted a blog; I think I need to try to do that.” And then do you know what happens? Life. Yep! That’s it – that little thing called life just gets right in the way of everything that I am trying to accomplish.

Does that ever happen to you? You know, you have this one project that you want to get done and somewhere in between wanting to accomplish it and actually turning out a finished product the kids need you, another more pressing project comes up, your spouse needs to talk, you have to get to church, you run out of pasta noodles before supper so you have to run to Food Lion to go pick up more, the laundry goes from one T-shirt sitting by itself to 3,000 articles of clothing all in the space of 15 minutes, and you still have to take a shower. Yeah, life.

You know what else that happens to? Our personal time with God. Trust me, I’m not the perfect missionary that has it all together telling you how utterly unspiritual you must be compared to me. I’m sitting here (finally) writing this blog after a pretty crazy week. In fact, I am actually sitting here writing this blog and thinking, “you know, I really need to get alone with the Lord for a little bit.” Because somewhere in between our meetings last Sunday, contracting a cold and shingles through the week, and having what feels like 100 other things I need to get done, the most important thing that I should be concentrating on somehow becomes the last thing on my list.

Now, on a normal day (as in when I’m not sick) I’m up pretty early in the morning when it’s nice and quite and I’m able to concentrate on the Lord and spend some quiet time in prayer. That’s the key! Set a “date” every day with God. For me, it’s early morning with a hot cup of coffee in hand. Part of the reason that I think we have such a hard time accomplishing everything on our lists is because we so often don’t accomplish the “one thing [that] is needful.” (Luke 10:42) So, let me encourage you to set aside a time with just you and the Lord and let Him talk to you. I’m not saying you have to spend 3 hours at a time, but I can promise you that the more that you sincerely try to get to know God, the easier it will be to spend more time with Him. Then, when you don’t accomplish 7 out of the 10 things on you “to do” list, you at least have the peace that He knows all about it and that you have left it in His hands.

So, shut the computer down, put your phone on vibrate, turn the TV off, and get alone with the King for just a few minutes. I promise that it’s worth it.

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