Howdy everyone? If you have not guessed by reading the title or reading the first word of this blog, we are in Texas.  Let me tell you, Texas is one huge state! We are in the west part of Texas about 1700 miles away from home. After four days of traveling, we finally made it. Thank you for your prayers!

You know, as I think about how big Texas is, I cannot help but think how small Chuuk is. Texas is around 270,000 square miles. Chuuk adds up to about 100 square miles or less. Twenty-six million people live here in this state, whereas only 53,000 live in Chuuk. In fact, the population of Chuuk is smaller than the city that we are in. Why Chuuk? Why should you or me care about Chuuk? In comparison with the rest of the world, Chuuk does not hold a candle to size, resources, or many other things that other places have to offer. But, you and I both know that God does not care about how many people, what kind of people, or the abilities of the people in places; He cares about the souls! That is why we are going – 53,000 souls. Even more importantly, Christ died for those souls. We are not the first missionaries to go over there, we will not be the only missionaries over there, and we, Lord willing, will not be the last missionaries to go over there. You have heard or read many times that our goal is 50 churches – one on each islands. That goal is impossible it seams. I am sure that there are people that laugh at it, that think that it cannot be done, that think Sarah and I are ignorant or foolish for dreaming of doing something like that. A pastor recently gave me some encouraging words. He said, “That is a very high and lofty goal that you have; it’s a good thing that we serve a High and Lofty God!” How true! Praise God that in reality, that is HIS goal and not just ours – 50 churches!

So, let me leave you with this thought. We are nobody special. We are ordinary people that serve an extraordinary God. Therefore, set big goals! What can you do in your area for the cause of Christ? Sure, you may never be able to go to Chuuk, or Africa, or Brazil, but Sarah and I can never come to where you live either! That gives you an opportunity that we don’t have! Set big goals and watch God use you to accomplish them. He is worth every tear, every heartache, every sorrow, and every struggle, because in the end, none of that will matter. When you can stand before God and say, “Lord, you gave me what seemed to be an impossible goal, but you used me to accomplish it,” it will all be worth it. So what will you do, my friend? What goal will you set, and how will you serve God accomplishing those goals?

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